Saturday Dec 24, 2022

Kevin B. Lee: The Future of Cinema, Culture & Society

In recent years, the landscape of cinema has made some dramatic changes and Kevin B. Lee believes in one or two years from now it will evolve again to look distinctly different to how it does now.

Kevin is a filmmaker, media artist, critic and Locarno’s professor for the Future of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts. His pioneering work in the video essay format has seen Kevin produce over 360 video essays exploring film and media, and his masterclass 'Cinema In The Age of Netflix' held in Locarno immediately sold out.

In this episode Kevin sits down with Futurespectives host Gabby Sanderson to talk about the future of cinema, culture and society and how the emergence of a new type of cinephile is influencing the way movies are being produced and consumed.

Also discussed is the urgency filmmakers have to make message films, how the rise of streaming services is affecting the social dynamic of cinema and how the power of escapism is just as important for the filmmaker as it is for their audience.

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