Friday Jun 02, 2023

Markus Duffner: A New Cinephile Audience is Emerging

Head of Locarno Pro, Markus Duffner, has been around the block more than once on the film festival circuit. Since 2014 he has worked for Locarno Pro taking charge of projects such as First Look and Match Me!, while in 2020 he became project manager of the new and highly innovative platform Heritage Online, devoted to digital distribution of classic and auteur movies, conceived by Duffner himself. Markus talks to Futurespectives host Gabby Sanderson about founding the Video On Demand platform 'Spamflix', the 360° role Locarno Pro plays in the support of auteur cinema, and why the Locarno Film Festival is such a driving force within the cinema industry. 

This episode was recorded in August of 2022. 

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